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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Top Bollywood Actors

Though there are quite number of Bollywood super hero's people will never miss to say special sensating icons as their top start. With the growing development in the Bollywood movie industry, several young chaps give their successful entry with their rocking performance on the silver screens. Find the list of top Bollywood actors, who give their starring acting on the big screens. The first breathe-taking super hero of Bollywood will obviously be Shah Rukh Khan. He is still really charming and inspiring. He has given bags of block buster movies and moreover, he is the dream hero of quite several young bloods. His style acting and ravishing look has always been the biggest factor for his thriving success in Bollywood industry.
The Bollywood industry Big B, Amitabh is the super hero of the Bollywood! Big B has created thunders and wonders in the Bollywood movie industry. His excellent acting and breathe-taking performance on the silver screens has made him to achieve numerous hearts all around the world. The 3rd generation super hero from the renowned "Roshan" family is the real top star of Bollywood. Hritik is called as a promising actor and he has created thundering effects with her rocking dance performance. He is one of the luck stars, who gave a successful entry with his debundant movie Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Moreover, Hritik has given several number of block buster movie and most of his films will rock in the box office.
John Abraham is another Bollywood biggie, who has been bagged with good number of offers. He is one among the busy Bollywood actor and he is known for his brilliant acting. John is absolutely smart and he is dearly known for his chic and sexy outlook.
Next super hero of the Bollywood movie industry will be Ajay Devgan. Ajay is absolutely fantastic with his varied play roles and he has given his brilliant performance in quite number of Bollywood movies. Also, the super hero has been crowned with quite several awards and he still rocks in Bollywood.
The next is the Bollywood bad boy, Salman! He is the real super hero in Bollywood, who has achieved quite number of hearts with his stunning acting. Moreover, Sallu has been the headlines in most of the everyday outlets, and magazines. He is one of the charming actors and he is the one, who initiated the fitness factor among actors.
Amir Khan is also a leading Bollywood top actor, who has done quite successful movies in Bollywood. The actor is known for his charm and beauty and most of all he has given good number of big hits. He has worked with well-renowned directors in Bollywood and he has also proved his blasting acting performance on silver screens.
The son of Big B, Abhishek Bachan is one among the smart hero in Bollywood. Abhishek has given his stunning performance and he is bagged with good number of offers in his pockets. Right now, Abhishek is busy working with Priyanka Chopra in the upcoming starter movie "Drona". The movie is expected to be a block buster!

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