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Friday, April 4, 2008

Bollywood News : Amrita's love across LoC?

Once upon a time, it was Pakistani cricketers who used to leave Indian actresses weak-kneed.

But with musicians from across the border becoming a rage in India, they seem to be occupying cricketers’ place now. And the first such romance appears to be happening between the petite Amrita Rao and Jal’s Goher Mumtaz.

It all happened when Amrita and Jal shot for a music video together. While the shooting is long over, Goher is a regular visitor to Mumbai and the duo can be seen cosying up at various hotspots in the city. In fact, a li’l birdie suggests that Amrita even used to get home-cooked food for the guys during the shoot!

While Amrita, being characteristically coy, terms it as a “friendship”, Goher is more forthcoming. “As a band, we go to Mumbai every month and I wouldn’t deny that Amrita and I hang out together. In fact, I’ll ask Amrita to be a part of the next show we have in India. I’m sure she’ll agree. Also, I intend asking her to do a tour of Pakistan with us. She is very talented and the credit of making a great video goes to her fully,” he says.

It is love then? “I won’t deny that she made me very comfortable and that we became very good friends. But we are in the good friends phase right now. We share a great chemistry”.

Amrita says, “Goher has played my love interest in this video but love hasn’t sparked between the two of us in real life. If I really fall in love, it’ll be very difficult to hide it.”

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