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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Review : Krazzy 4

Krazzy 4
Cast: Irrfan Khan, Arshad Warsi, Rajpal Yadav, Suresh Menon
Direction: Jaideep Sen

KRAZZY waste! Why would you take four fine actors and let their fine histrionics go waste, simply because they never get a chance to show them off. Imagine Irrfan Khan having to walk around, zombie-like, with no explosive signature scenes to revel in. Imagine Arshad Warsi playing mad with no mad capers to fuse the Circuit. And imagine motor mouth Suresh Menon forced to stay speechless and dumb. The only actor who manages to get away with a flash of his characteristic comic act is Rajpal Yadav as the Gandhi-bhakt who is trapped in a time warp and wants Gandhi to wait for him before he takes off on the Dandi march.

The trouble with Krazzy 4 lies in the fact that it is neither a comedy nor can it be viewed as a serious diatribe against a crazy, crooked and corrupt world. Somewhere in between, it makes you neither laugh nor cry with its antics about four guys who leave the mental asylum with their doctor (Juhi Chawla), only to end up lost and threatened in big bad Mumbai. All they wanted to do was to watch a cricket match, but all they get to do is play hide and seek with corrupt cops and kidnappers when their sweet doctor is kidnapped by her satanic husband (really, was that you, Rajat Kapoor??) Add to this a dour TV reporter (Diya Mirza) who waits four years for her boyfriend (Arshad Warsi) to return after he slapped her dad and walked into a mental institution for treatment. And guess what's on your plate? Krazzy kichhdi which has no tadka , despite the three item numbers by today's hottest item guys (Hrithik and Shah Rukh) and gal (Rakhee Sawant).

And hey, what's all that brouhaha about copy-cat and copyright? The music and lyrics (Rajesh Roshan-Javed Akhtar) completely lack the thump.

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