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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Movie Review : CHAMKU ( Coming Soon)

Cast & Crew

Star Cast
Bobby Deol
Priyanka Chopra
Irrfan Khan
Ritesh Deshmukh
Danny Denzongpa
Rajpal Yadav
Aarya Babbar

Kabeer Kaushik


Richa Sharma - Kithe Jawa, Shail Hada & Shreya Ghosal – Aaj mil Ke, Abhijeet Bhattacharya & Vaishali Sawant – Gola Gola, Kalpana

Vijayta Films Pvt Ltd

Inspired from real life incidents, the film depicts the journey of a male Naxalite from the southern interiors of Bihar, tutored under a covert governmental program & trained to kill. Chandramohan Singh urf CHAMKU. This is his story set in real time. A brutal past Kill - or – be – killed fights. Political assassinations, explosive intrigues and a chance encounter that culminates in an epic vendetta. Kahani kabhie Khatam nahi hoti

A journey that ends where it all began


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Movie Review : Mere Baap Pehle Aap (Coming Soon)

Cast & Crew
Star Cast
Akshay Khanna,Paresh Rawal,Genelia D’Souza,Shobhana,Rajpal Yadav,Naseeruddin Shah,Om Puri,Archana Puran Singh
Raman Maroo
Release date
May 23, 2008

Paresh has two doting sons, Manoj and Akshay. He has raised his boys single handedly since his wife’s death, many years back, when younger Akshay was merely a toddler. Manoj is married, henpecked and runs a matrimonial agency started by his rich and socially well-placed in-laws.

Akshay lives with his father. The duo runs a mall and house with the ease and efficiency of experts but with a difference. Akshay loves his father a little too much. Though he is the younger son, he treats his father like his son. May it be about healthy eating habits or health problems or being a strong emotional pillar to his lonely father; Akshay is on the guard with the vigilance of a disciplined parent. He shouts, threatens, fights – even locks up his father occasionally all with the fear of his father getting spoilt.

Hence Akshay doesn’t like Paresh’s age old best-friend, Om Puri. Om, a divorcee, is fade up of his bachelorhood and is desperate to get married. He has enrolled himself in Manoj’s matrimonial agency. Unfortunately, every time he goes to see a lady, he ends up in the lock-up. His partner in the crime is his best friend, Paresh. It is more than a routine for Akshay to take out these aawaaraa friends from the Police custody.

Still, overall, their life is fun until some ex-classmate starts harassing Akshay through telephones and couriers. She claims that Akshay promised her marriage, but ran away. Now she needs justice for her toddler son. She tortures Akshay till he starts pulling his own hair. The mystery girl takes pity and reveals herself. In engineering college, as a part of ragging, Akshay had given this junior with beautiful long hair is very unwanted ugly hair cut. She felt so shocked that she left the country. She is back in town now for a friend’s marriage and is staying with her favorite teacher. In no time, Akshay and Genelia become thick friends.

Genelia and Paresh gel well, and Akshay takes a liking for teacher. He starts liking her singing or soft motherly gait. The teacher is lecturer at Arts College and is unmarried.

Paresh dreams of turning kid’s friendship into a relationship, but Genelia is not ready. Akshay respects Genelia’s feelings.

Youngsters are not ready for romance, but something is happening to Paresh. He meets Genelia’s teacher in her Friend’s wedding and he begins to change. Cotton baggy trousers give way to tight fitting jeans and dull shirts have been replaced by colorful t-shirts. He is absent from his mall and house often, hanging around teacher’s house. He lies about his errands and unfortunately his lies are caught. Akshay keeps a tab. With Genelia’s help, he finds out about Paresh’s first love.

Teacher and Paresh were deeply in love, were about to run away from house to get married when they were caught at the railway station. And the life of separation takes over love. Now, when they meet again, the old flame is rekindled. But now, age is made them very shy and hesitant.

Akshay and Genelia take a lead and arrange his father’s love marriage. Of course, the path is not so smooth: there are obstacles. But then, Om Puri’s desperate desire for a dame comes handy. How this trio makes this marriage is a fun ride to watch.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Movie : Aamir (Coming Soon)

Cast & Crew

Star Cast
Rajeev Khandelwal
Gajraj Rao
Shashank Ghosh

Rajkumar Gupta

UTV Spotboy

Aamir, the name literally means leader and our protagonist becomes a follower not because of faith, not out of zeal but out of 'fear'.

Geographically Aamir's maze is set in the Muslim dominated, but poor, areas of Bombay. In its lanes and by lanes, cheap restaurants and lodges, amongst nameless pimps and whores, run-down buildings and over-crowded markets, filth and squalor, Aamir is supposed to understand the life he has lived, the 'choices' he has made, his dreams, his loves and his immediate fears.

Through the course of one day lost in the streets of Mumbai the question remains that do you choose your destiny, or does destiny choose you, and whether Aamir chooses to be a follower or become a leader.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Movie : Woodstock Villa (Coming Soon)

Cast & Crew

Star Cast
Sikander Kher
Neha Uberoi

Hansal Mehta

Sanjay Gupta
Sanjay Dutt

After a successful businessman's stunning wife disappears, hostile and taunting ransom demands follow. As the true nature of stakes for the captor and his captives unfold, Woodstock Villa lithely transforms from a precision neo noir into a chilling and shocking thriller, and ultimately into a vivid, invigorating, icy masterpiece of murder, mystery and suspense.

Neither pleading eyes nor bound wrists nor a shallow grave are what they seem, as a moment of relief is suddenly transformed into a web of deceit, and a moment of truth is followed by a sudden web of lies. Unsettling, thrilling, hallucinatory, suspenseful and erotic, Woodstock Villa is contemporary entertainment that breaks new ground with every twist.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big B’s Shatru!

Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha are at loggerheads once again.

Big B has posted a sharp comment on his blog, in answer to what Sinha said about the nominations of a forthcoming award ceremony, which Bachchan endorses.

Sinha had reportedly stated that the award does not really have any credibility and it was alright that Taare Zameen Par was not nominated.

Bachchan writes: “I read a comment from Shatrughan Sinha. It reportedly quoted his reactions to the nomination list of the awards, wherein he has purportedly stated that ‘Sab kissika beta hai, ya kissiki bahu, ya kissiki biwi’, and the media adding their interpretation to it by stating that Sinha’s comment was directed to a particular family of the Guru fame.”

Bachchan goes on to write, “I am surprised at this observation, especially since, during the time of the National Award selection for Best Actress in one of the past years, when the award went to Raveena Tandon, it was alleged that Sinha’s wife, the lovely and graceful Poonam, a great friend of Raveena’s mother had recommended the appointment of MacMohan, the brother of Raveena’s mother, on the board of the jury (structured by the government in power -- in this case the BJP, of which Sinha was a minister of state ) in order that he may cast his vote in favour of Raveena. If this alleged story is true then I do value Sinha’s alleged statement. You are so right, Shatru!”

Getting a little more personal with Sinha, Bachchan also writes: “I have seen some very encouraging reports of the film, where your son is being introduced. May he prosper and succeed even more than his illustrious father and may he never have to face a slighted accusation of ‘fixing’, when his name comes up for an award in the future!”

Not to be left behind, Shatrughan Sinha reacted to Amitabh’s allegation. “Anger seems to have taken over the maturity of an actor like Amitabh Bachchan and that is probably the reason he has overreacted to my statement. I really don’t know why he thinks it is his family that I am talking about.”


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Friday, April 25, 2008

For Hansika, mom’s the word

Another girl who is making her moves slowly and smartly is Hansika.

Luckily for her, she has a shrewd manager in her mother, who guides her.

Hansika believes that mum Mona is the best thing to have happened to her career. Also with mom Mona guiding her, Hansika has nothing to worry about. Now this is what we call, cost cutting and multi-tasking!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Movie Review : Salakhain

Salakhain (drama)
Cast: Zara, Ahmed, Meera
Direction: Shahzad Rafique

AFTER Khuda Kay Liye , this is the second Pakistani film to find a theatrical release in India. Yet, unlike Khuda Kay Liye , this one is pure mainstream, providing a dekko at the Pakistani film formula, which is so very desi. The guys have their guns and their glares, the girls have their rain-drenched chiffons and their item numbers, the moms have their moments coupled with emotional hysteria and the gangsters have their molls to spray acid on. All in all, it's familiar terrain.

Thematically, the film is like your average revenge masala, where a college boy falls prey to the political mafia and emerges from the salakhain (read jail) as a one man army against the goons. All he wanted to do, when he was not dancing in the rain with his pretty padosan , was to fulfil his abba's dream and become an afsar with a kursi . But all he ends up doing, when he is not crying on his moll's shoulders, is roaming the streets and spraying bullets at his tormenters. In between, he is caught in a gang war and ends up losing his family too. Not much left for our crusader, other than his bloody crusade. And yes, his comely comrade-in-arms (Meera), the gun-toting club dancer who seems to be wedded to sorrow.

Ostensibly, the film which was released in 2004 was declared a blockbuster in Pakistan and reportedly ran for 75 weeks. It does have enough masala to keep you in your seats, but stylistically, there is a dated feel which reminds you of Bollywood in the 1980s. Today, when Indian cinema is resplendent with a techno-sheen that compares well with the west, it would take meaning or mega-glitz in film imports to lure the fastidious film buff, not masala alone.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shopping Options for Auto Insurance

Shopping for car insurance can be a big undertaking. It can be daunting at times but is very important. There are now many ways to get yourself insured and the coverage you need.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mallika: Million dollar babe

There’s constant oneupmanship in Bollywood. If one star gets paid a crore today, the other will rakes in two crores tomorrow.

This is especially so among the actresses. Recently, Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were in the news. Kareena for charging a whopping amount for her films and Katrina for becoming the most expensive item girl in Bollywood at an exorbitant Rs 1.5 crore.

Now the race is hotting up! Diva Mallika Sherawat is not far behind. Sometime ago she made news as the most expensive cameo actress, when she charged Rs 1.5 crore for a 10-minute role in Himesh Reshammiya’s Aap Ka Suroor .

Now Mallika’s back and making even a bigger impact. The actress is being paid a million dollars for an ad! Yes, she is charging Rs 3.5 crores for a CD and cassettes advertisement. It’s basically a surrogate commercial film directed by filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar for which the lyrics are apparently written by Gulzar.

Million dollar baby Mallika is naturally excited about her latest venture and the big bucks! “It’s about time that filmmakers in India stop telling actresses that we look like a million dollars and start paying us that. The way India is growing and the way the US dollar is sinking, it won’t be long before a million dollars and a million rupees mean the same thing.”


Friday, April 18, 2008

Is Yana Gupta this famous?

The sexy damsel claims she was at the salon for about five hours, and that her blonde look is helping her be anonymous.

“It’s good that not many people recognise me, now that I’ve coloured my hair!” she says. Yeah, like many people were intruding her privacy! Is the blonde colour responsible for this, er... misconception?


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deepika’s double dhamaka

Director Nikhil Advani, who has been shooting with hectic celerity in China for his new action comedy Chandni Chowk To China, confirms that Deepika Padukone is playing a double role in the movie. “That’s right,” confirmed Advani, “Deepika is doing a double role in my film.”

This would be Deepika’s second double role after her debut Om Shanti Om .

When quizzed, about the music of the film, Advani said, “While the rest of the score by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, with a little help from Kailash Kher, is completely original, we’ve used Bappi Lahiri’s Bombay se aaya mera dost from the film Aap Ki Khatir . Bappi has reworked and re-sung the song.”

Advani’s directorial debut Kal Ho Naa Ho was a runaway success at the box office, but his second film Salaam-e-Ishq was a letdown. Chandni Chowk to China is a mega-budget film and is produced by Warner Brothers and Rohan Sippy.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Katrina : I’m not getting married

It’s that time of the year again – the time when gossipmongers rear their heads to announce that Katrina Kaif is getting married to Salman Khan.

The most interesting fact is that rumour mills even decide dates and mahurats for the multiple (and, apparently, annual) Sallu-Kat weddings they’ve organised in the recent past.

This time, the grapevine says that the wedding is going to happen ‘very soon’ and ‘only close friends and relatives will be a part of it’.

Well, Kat remains unperturbed. When we asked her about the rumours, she replied, “These rumours are completely false and ridiculous. I am not getting married. These are silly people playing games by spreading these rumours. I’d also like to add that I’m booked every day of this year already for my films.”

So she’s precluded the possibility of getting married any time again this year. Then why is it that people don’t stop talking about Salman and her and why don’t the two of them take a stand on this? “It is because people know that both Salman and I do not comment on our private lives ever,” she answers.
Jaya Drona

Occasions where similar rumours have been spread before:

The first time these rumours surfaced was when Salman came to Kat’s rescue by lodging a formal complaint with the police against Mumbai’s 25-year-old Vasant Giri for sending vulgar text messages to Katrina.

It was said that since Salman had openly supported Kat, the next thing surely would be marriage.
Rumour no 2 – Gossipmongers said that Katrina and Salman secretly married before an award ceremony in Singapore. This was done, purportedly, to teach a lesson to Abhiash who were going to tie the knot soon after. Katrina had dismissed the rumour, saying that it was “utter rubbish”.

The third rumour was that Katrina and Salman had secretly married in the presence of a maulvi in Mumbai. When we contacted Kat on the same day, she said, “I’m in South Africa shooting with Saif Ali Khan.”
nAnd more recently, Katrina walked out of a press meet in Delhi’s Kamala Nehru College because somebody asked her if Salman actually slapped her at a café in Mumbai.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Review : Krazzy 4

Krazzy 4
Cast: Irrfan Khan, Arshad Warsi, Rajpal Yadav, Suresh Menon
Direction: Jaideep Sen

KRAZZY waste! Why would you take four fine actors and let their fine histrionics go waste, simply because they never get a chance to show them off. Imagine Irrfan Khan having to walk around, zombie-like, with no explosive signature scenes to revel in. Imagine Arshad Warsi playing mad with no mad capers to fuse the Circuit. And imagine motor mouth Suresh Menon forced to stay speechless and dumb. The only actor who manages to get away with a flash of his characteristic comic act is Rajpal Yadav as the Gandhi-bhakt who is trapped in a time warp and wants Gandhi to wait for him before he takes off on the Dandi march.

The trouble with Krazzy 4 lies in the fact that it is neither a comedy nor can it be viewed as a serious diatribe against a crazy, crooked and corrupt world. Somewhere in between, it makes you neither laugh nor cry with its antics about four guys who leave the mental asylum with their doctor (Juhi Chawla), only to end up lost and threatened in big bad Mumbai. All they wanted to do was to watch a cricket match, but all they get to do is play hide and seek with corrupt cops and kidnappers when their sweet doctor is kidnapped by her satanic husband (really, was that you, Rajat Kapoor??) Add to this a dour TV reporter (Diya Mirza) who waits four years for her boyfriend (Arshad Warsi) to return after he slapped her dad and walked into a mental institution for treatment. And guess what's on your plate? Krazzy kichhdi which has no tadka , despite the three item numbers by today's hottest item guys (Hrithik and Shah Rukh) and gal (Rakhee Sawant).

And hey, what's all that brouhaha about copy-cat and copyright? The music and lyrics (Rajesh Roshan-Javed Akhtar) completely lack the thump.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Review : U, Me aur Hum

U, Me aur Hum
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Kajol
Direction: Ajay Devgan

IT'S the season of sadness in Bollywood. Or else, why would two mainline actors choose to make their directorial debut with films that explore human relationships shadowed by the trauma of physical ailments. If Aamir Khan made the world cry with his sensitive tale of a dyslexic kid, then Ajay Devgan turns the spotlight on Alzheimers and its debilitating effect on love and life. And like Aamir, Ajay too weaves a plot that's high on EQ, making the Kleenex count high too. Truly, it's the unbridled emotional quotient of U, Me aur Hum which saves it from slipping into mediocrity. The sensitive second half not only makes up for the flaws in the first half, it also winds up the film as a poignant tribute to the institution of marriage, romance and soulmate-ship.

The film opens predictably as a love-at-first-sight story on a cruise liner. Psychiatrist Ajay loses his heart to Kajol, the sassy waitress, one heady starlit night and wakes up wooing her with salsa and song. Doesn't take long for the uptight bar girl to let her hair down, especially when the suitor seems to know all her likes and dislikes. So what if he's secretly read her diary and tickmarked the stuff that turns her white lilies, liquor chocolates, a white Labrador and sexy salsa. This part of the film isn't exactly a dream debut for Devgan as director. Neither entertaining, nor heartwarming, the drama keeps slipping into nothingness, especially when the director chooses to focus on the squabbling couples in the background.

Love, however, mercifully leads to marriage, motherhood....and it is then that the film suddenly shifts gears and moves into all-heart territory. One rainy day, Kajol simply forgets her address and soon begins to forget the baby in the bath tub too. The doctors diagnose Alzheimers and advise her incarceration in hospital. Does the marriage crumble in the face of these odds or does the couple fulfill their wishlist by celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary on another cruise? Kudos to both Ajay and Kajol for depicting the highs and the lows of love, an overdone emotion that somehow doesn't seem commonplace anymore. While Ajay's a winsome blend of weak and heroic, -- quite-quite different from his dynamic Omkara-Gangajal action-hero avtar -- Kajol mirrors the vulnerability and the insecurity of a woman who lives life on the edge, threatening to fall off any day.

Don't go looking for a breezy entertainer and you might just catch the new wind blowing through Bollywood. One that carries a whiff of change, as it blows in a different direction. What's next, Ajay?


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Movie Review : Bhram

Cast: Milind Soman, Dino Moreo, Sheetal Menon
Direction: Pawan Kaul

SO, what's the bhram in Bhram all about? Is it about younger brother -- a suave Shaan (Dino Moreo) who talks of stock markets and financial analysis when he meets the woman of his life for the first time -- in awe of bada bhai and business tycoon Dev (Milind Soman)? Or about supermodel Antara Tyagi (Sheetal Menon) who is eventually forced to think that her childhood memories of her dying/raped sister is nothing but an illusion? Whatever it is, by the end of it all, the movie has you confused, tired and leaving you with no brahm whether you wanna see more or not.

What initially takes off as a sneak peek on the glitterati, slowly unfolds towards relationships between bhai-bhai, bhai-bhabi, bhai -girlfriend and then a murder mystery. But then as title goes, brahm is just an illusion. Till at the very end chota bhai tells big brother that no evil shall go unpaid for. Phew! Now, did we have any brahm about that?


Movie Review : Shaurya

Cast: Rahul Bose, Kay Kay Menon, Javed Jaffrey, Minissha Lamba
Direction: Samar Khan

THIS film tries to redefine the way Bollywood looks at the men in olive, and almost succeeds. The Bravehearts of the Indian Army do lay their life defending the honour and dignity of the country, but they don't go about chestbeating and yelling expletives to the enemy across the LoC. Refreshingly, Shaurya is a surprise package that for once does not equate pride and honour for the country with killing those across borders. Instead, it takes an introspective look at the sentinels of our country and gets reflective about the questionables within: prejudice, bias, antagonism that prevent fair play from a Few Good Men that make up the country's premier institution.

Here, you meet Rahul Bose, who thinks nothing suits his personality more than ‘googling’. It's only when the cool dude discovers the hero in the valley that he becomes a causaratti for democracy and a shaurya that doesn't tar a single community. He pitches a fine performance. Close to him is Minissha Lamba, the small town reporter who sips beer to scandalise those who question what she calls ‘small town morality’. A short role she executes with ease and confidence. Not to miss out is Javed Jaffery, who plays the perfect friend, though the character seems to be lost as the movie progresses. And just in case you wondered who's shaurya are we all taking of, it's none other than Kay Kay Menon, the sarkar of the valley with so very misconstrued views. Kay Kay is absolutely dynamic and it's his explosive act in the climax that helps him walk away with applause for sheer shock value.

Inspired by a Few Good Men , the Hollywood drama on the defence forces which revealed the ugly underbelly of one of the most respected officers (Jack Nicholson), Shaurya is essentially a courtmartial drama where two friends (Rahul Bose and Jaaved Jaafrey) play defence attorney and prosecutor to a cadet guilty of murder. And if the background is Kashmir, be sure there is a dissection of the world's number one problem: Islam versus terrorism. But the director handles the incendiary topic with balance and sensitivity. Go for some serious, cerebral viewing.


Movie Review : Khuda Kay Liye

Khuda Kay Liye
Cast : Shaan, Fawad Khan, Iman Ali, Rasheed Naaz, Naseeruddin Shah
Direction: Shoaib Mansoor

THERE have been a number of post 9/11 offerings from Hollywood, but it takes a Pakistani film to create the maximum impact, worldwide, with its topical rendition of contemporary history’s most burning issue: Islamic fundamentalism. Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Kay Liye is indeed a historic event, being the first Pakistani film to be released in India after a hiatus of almost four decades. More importantly, it arrives with an awesome reputation of having created a storm at the international film circuit and having rattled the Pakistani film industry out of its somnambulism with a royal picking of Rs seven crore at the box office. But more than all this, the film becomes important because it addresses concerns that affect the global mindset and clears myths that have already wreaked havoc in today’s world.

The film posits a clash of ideology between two strains of Islam. On the one hand, you have the fundamentalist version represented through the views of Mullah Tahiri (Rasheed Naaz). The cleric brainwashes the young Pakistanis with his sermons on jihad and an interpretation of Islam as an orthodox religion that denies women their rights and treats music and art as haraam (forbidden). And on the other hand, you have the liberal face, showcased through two main characters: Sarmad (Shaan), the young musician who refuses to fall prey to dogma and inadvertently becomes a victim of racial profiling and human rights abuse in the US; and Maulana Wali (Naseeruddin Shah), the enlightened seer who beats the fundamentalists at their own game. Quoting extensively from religious texts, the Maulana proves that Islam is neither anti-woman nor does it frown upon music, art and culture. More importantly, it espouses the concept of jihad as a war to overcome the failings within the fallible human self rather than as a synonym for terror. In a cameo that sends the viewers clapping and wowing, Naseer declares: Din mein daadi hai, daadi mein din nahin (the beard lies in religion; religion doesn’t lie in the beard)! Hence the nullity of outward rituals, dogma and conservatism.

The film unfolds as a dramatic clash of cultures between two rock musician brothers, the liberal Sarmad and the impressionable Mansoor who is brainwashed by the local maulvi and ends up completely messed up. Ironically, trouble befalls both the brothers, leaving their happy-family idyll scarred for life. While Sarmad ends up in the infamous US prisons and is tortured for his alleged links with the Al-Qaida, Mansoor becomes a pawn in a vicious game, where a distraught father uses him to forcibly prevent his British-born daughter (Iman Ali) from marrying her British boyfriend. And if that’s not enough, the young boy is forced to double up as a mujahideen in war-torn Afghanistan, even though he hates violence and declares he can’t kill a man. The film criss-crosses across three countries Pakistan, America, England to expose the acidic fall-out of a twisted interpretation of religion. If the Americans are guilty of equating Islam with terrorism, then a certain section of Muslims are equally guilty of holding the world and their community -- ransom with their misconstrued beliefs.

Khuda Kay Liye isn’t merely a powerful story; it’s a film that boasts of fine performances, a great music score and sophisticated production values. Naturally, the scene-stealer is Naseeruddin Shah who enters only in the penultimate moments of the film, but adds enough punch to leave a lasting impression. He is ably matched by his rival, the fundoo mullah Tahiri, with actor Rasheed Naaz spewing fire and brimstone within the precincts of the mosque through sermons that are a deadly mix of religion and politics. Now here’s meaningful cinema that doesn’t compromise on commercial values. Go for it and get thinking.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Bollywood News : Amrita's love across LoC?

Once upon a time, it was Pakistani cricketers who used to leave Indian actresses weak-kneed.

But with musicians from across the border becoming a rage in India, they seem to be occupying cricketers’ place now. And the first such romance appears to be happening between the petite Amrita Rao and Jal’s Goher Mumtaz.

It all happened when Amrita and Jal shot for a music video together. While the shooting is long over, Goher is a regular visitor to Mumbai and the duo can be seen cosying up at various hotspots in the city. In fact, a li’l birdie suggests that Amrita even used to get home-cooked food for the guys during the shoot!

While Amrita, being characteristically coy, terms it as a “friendship”, Goher is more forthcoming. “As a band, we go to Mumbai every month and I wouldn’t deny that Amrita and I hang out together. In fact, I’ll ask Amrita to be a part of the next show we have in India. I’m sure she’ll agree. Also, I intend asking her to do a tour of Pakistan with us. She is very talented and the credit of making a great video goes to her fully,” he says.

It is love then? “I won’t deny that she made me very comfortable and that we became very good friends. But we are in the good friends phase right now. We share a great chemistry”.

Amrita says, “Goher has played my love interest in this video but love hasn’t sparked between the two of us in real life. If I really fall in love, it’ll be very difficult to hide it.”


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amrita Rao goes glam

Amrita Rao may have had the girl-next-door image, but that’s a thing of the past.

Post My Name is Anthony Gonasalves, Amrita has been seen in a very glamourous look, be it in her movies or real life.

Even in the music video that she has shot for the band ‘Jal’, Amrita has sported a western look. And we must say that it suits her just fine, right Amrita?


Wallpaper : Amrita rao


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Top Bollywood Actors

Though there are quite number of Bollywood super hero's people will never miss to say special sensating icons as their top start. With the growing development in the Bollywood movie industry, several young chaps give their successful entry with their rocking performance on the silver screens. Find the list of top Bollywood actors, who give their starring acting on the big screens. The first breathe-taking super hero of Bollywood will obviously be Shah Rukh Khan. He is still really charming and inspiring. He has given bags of block buster movies and moreover, he is the dream hero of quite several young bloods. His style acting and ravishing look has always been the biggest factor for his thriving success in Bollywood industry.
The Bollywood industry Big B, Amitabh is the super hero of the Bollywood! Big B has created thunders and wonders in the Bollywood movie industry. His excellent acting and breathe-taking performance on the silver screens has made him to achieve numerous hearts all around the world. The 3rd generation super hero from the renowned "Roshan" family is the real top star of Bollywood. Hritik is called as a promising actor and he has created thundering effects with her rocking dance performance. He is one of the luck stars, who gave a successful entry with his debundant movie Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Moreover, Hritik has given several number of block buster movie and most of his films will rock in the box office.
John Abraham is another Bollywood biggie, who has been bagged with good number of offers. He is one among the busy Bollywood actor and he is known for his brilliant acting. John is absolutely smart and he is dearly known for his chic and sexy outlook.
Next super hero of the Bollywood movie industry will be Ajay Devgan. Ajay is absolutely fantastic with his varied play roles and he has given his brilliant performance in quite number of Bollywood movies. Also, the super hero has been crowned with quite several awards and he still rocks in Bollywood.
The next is the Bollywood bad boy, Salman! He is the real super hero in Bollywood, who has achieved quite number of hearts with his stunning acting. Moreover, Sallu has been the headlines in most of the everyday outlets, and magazines. He is one of the charming actors and he is the one, who initiated the fitness factor among actors.
Amir Khan is also a leading Bollywood top actor, who has done quite successful movies in Bollywood. The actor is known for his charm and beauty and most of all he has given good number of big hits. He has worked with well-renowned directors in Bollywood and he has also proved his blasting acting performance on silver screens.
The son of Big B, Abhishek Bachan is one among the smart hero in Bollywood. Abhishek has given his stunning performance and he is bagged with good number of offers in his pockets. Right now, Abhishek is busy working with Priyanka Chopra in the upcoming starter movie "Drona". The movie is expected to be a block buster!


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