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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Movie Review : Mere Baap Pehle Aap (Coming Soon)

Cast & Crew
Star Cast
Akshay Khanna,Paresh Rawal,Genelia D’Souza,Shobhana,Rajpal Yadav,Naseeruddin Shah,Om Puri,Archana Puran Singh
Raman Maroo
Release date
May 23, 2008

Paresh has two doting sons, Manoj and Akshay. He has raised his boys single handedly since his wife’s death, many years back, when younger Akshay was merely a toddler. Manoj is married, henpecked and runs a matrimonial agency started by his rich and socially well-placed in-laws.

Akshay lives with his father. The duo runs a mall and house with the ease and efficiency of experts but with a difference. Akshay loves his father a little too much. Though he is the younger son, he treats his father like his son. May it be about healthy eating habits or health problems or being a strong emotional pillar to his lonely father; Akshay is on the guard with the vigilance of a disciplined parent. He shouts, threatens, fights – even locks up his father occasionally all with the fear of his father getting spoilt.

Hence Akshay doesn’t like Paresh’s age old best-friend, Om Puri. Om, a divorcee, is fade up of his bachelorhood and is desperate to get married. He has enrolled himself in Manoj’s matrimonial agency. Unfortunately, every time he goes to see a lady, he ends up in the lock-up. His partner in the crime is his best friend, Paresh. It is more than a routine for Akshay to take out these aawaaraa friends from the Police custody.

Still, overall, their life is fun until some ex-classmate starts harassing Akshay through telephones and couriers. She claims that Akshay promised her marriage, but ran away. Now she needs justice for her toddler son. She tortures Akshay till he starts pulling his own hair. The mystery girl takes pity and reveals herself. In engineering college, as a part of ragging, Akshay had given this junior with beautiful long hair is very unwanted ugly hair cut. She felt so shocked that she left the country. She is back in town now for a friend’s marriage and is staying with her favorite teacher. In no time, Akshay and Genelia become thick friends.

Genelia and Paresh gel well, and Akshay takes a liking for teacher. He starts liking her singing or soft motherly gait. The teacher is lecturer at Arts College and is unmarried.

Paresh dreams of turning kid’s friendship into a relationship, but Genelia is not ready. Akshay respects Genelia’s feelings.

Youngsters are not ready for romance, but something is happening to Paresh. He meets Genelia’s teacher in her Friend’s wedding and he begins to change. Cotton baggy trousers give way to tight fitting jeans and dull shirts have been replaced by colorful t-shirts. He is absent from his mall and house often, hanging around teacher’s house. He lies about his errands and unfortunately his lies are caught. Akshay keeps a tab. With Genelia’s help, he finds out about Paresh’s first love.

Teacher and Paresh were deeply in love, were about to run away from house to get married when they were caught at the railway station. And the life of separation takes over love. Now, when they meet again, the old flame is rekindled. But now, age is made them very shy and hesitant.

Akshay and Genelia take a lead and arrange his father’s love marriage. Of course, the path is not so smooth: there are obstacles. But then, Om Puri’s desperate desire for a dame comes handy. How this trio makes this marriage is a fun ride to watch.

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