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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shahid learning new tricks!

Shooting abroad has its advantages!

Besides getting to work in serene surrounding, actors get to discover and learn new things. One actor who will vouch for that is Shahid Kapur. The actor learnt rollerblading during the shooting of his upcoming movie in Canada. Rollerblading is a favourite sport amongst Canadians as cricket is to Indians. And, when Shahid got to know about rollerblading, he got curious about it and soon became a master at it. But, there he had to encounter one major hitch.

Shahid, who could begin doing rollerblading very gracefully, just could not learn the art to stop it. He mastered the techniques from putting on the skate to controlling speed and even doing tricks, but did not know how to come to a halt. A guy was then appointed on the sets to help Shahid whenever he wanted to come to a halt. And, Shahid being Shahid, he was determined to learn how to stop and took a chill pill only after he had perfected the art. We are sure this is one ride he must have enjoyed!

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