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Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Review : Duvidha

Duvidha (drama)
Cast: Rashi B. Manoj Verma
Direction: Sharat Kumar 

A married woman has been living as a caretaker with her husband and daughter in a palatial bungalow on the hills. So much so, she begins to fancy herself as the owner itself. When the patriarch of the family, a freedom fighter, dies, his son wants to sell off the building, since he will not be able to fulfill his parent's dream of using it for social welfare. But the lady has grown ambitious and does not want to return to her plebeian roots, even though her husband washes his hands off her ungodly ambition. She wants to retain the bungalow, by hook or by crook and unleashes a set of forces in the small town that turns out to be a simmering cauldron of politics, intrigue and greed.

Based on a book, Lal Kothi Alvidha , the film has an immensely amateur look and feel to it to actually end up as a lament for the passing of an era. The sequences of the freedom struggle look absolutely incongruous, although the present has been dealt with some drama. Too theatrical.

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