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Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Review : Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (drama)

Cast: Rani Mukherji, Saif Ali Khan, Ameesha, Rishi Kapoor

Direction: Kunal Kohli 

THODA rona dhona. Thoda tweeny pranks. And thoda special effects. Ten minutes into the movie and you know what's up next for the suave biz tycoon Ranbeer Talwar (Saif Ali Khan), who walks out of award ceremonies (of course, with awards) even before his name is actually called out for. Phew! Now that's what we call a poor little rich boy! Cut to the tale of four sorry kids who've lost their parents, courtesy the hit-and-run Mr Tycoon. Of course, he ends up playing court-appointed-legal guardian to the kids. As for the kids, they find shelter and naturally it's their chance to take panga with their unwanted foster pop. Not to miss out is Ameesha, who in a way nails the silly fashionista part, not just in her skimpy outifts, but also her blind faith in astrology. Makes for some lazy lamhe with a welcome change of image by Ms Goody Two Shoes!  

But hey, no magic here till now. So where is the magic? Well, the magic actually starts working in the second half when angel-turned-nanny-turned- didi Rani Mukerji, aka angel Geeta, makes the tycoon and the kids realise the world is but a beautiful place. And how does she do it in that house of badmashi, bullying, back stabbing amidst the bratpack of four kids, Vasisht (Akshat Chopra), Avantika, Aditi and Iqbal? First, by playing almost wifey to Saif (though not one for real) in an authorative way, as her heavenly English accents gets lost with some earthy punjabisation. And then with the kids by flying her way through literally every problem -- the sea, swimming pool, forest, jungles, museum... You name it and she's zooming ahead, with a song and a smile! For this celestial being belongs to the heavens, abode to God (Rishi Kapoor), who has the toughest task of all... He needs to make humans learn to live happily ever, just like the fairy tale.   

Kunal Kohli turns his attention from seemingly adult tales -- Hum Tum, Fanaa -- to a desification of Mary Poppins. And like his earlier films, he displays a strong hold on the medium, despite shifting gears to sentimental family drama. Saif's good, Rani's commendable, but the show stealers are the babalog who carry the emotional parts to near-perfection on their frail shoulders. Truly, it's the age of WHIZ KID in Indian cinema! 

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