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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Shilpa sends legal notices to Jazz and Bobby Khan

Bollywood actress Shipa Shetty sent legal notice to Jasveer 'Jazz' Barton and Bobby Khan who "posed" as her Agent and Manager.
Shilpa's Spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar said in a statement that Jazz, though was instrumental in Shilpa's tie-up with Endemol, "She (Jazz) never had any contract or agreement signed up with Shilpa. She was not even a friend, just an acquaintance."
The Shetty family also plans to sue Jazz and Bobby Kant on the charge of defamation and for allegedly misguiding the industry and public regarding Shilpa Shetty, Bhagwagar said.
The spokesperson said Shilpa's lawyer Rohini Vakil has sent a legal notice to Jazz Barton and Bobby Kant as "we sensed Jazz was up to mischief when the entire UK media started addressing her as Shilpa's 'agent' and Bobby Kant as `manager'."
Shilpa was forced to take legal action as Jazz and Bobby Kant who came to Mumbai and gave statements to Indian channels and newspapers against Shetty's.
Queries were also "misdirected" to Bobby and Jazz, Bhagwagar said adding "when we learnt that Jazz was brokering deals signing financial agreements and making commitments on Shilpa's behalf, it had to be announced and clarified that she (Jazz) was not the "agent".
When Shilpa's mother Sunanda Shetty went to London and gave out the facts about Jazz to the UK media, she took offence and began using derogatory language for Sunanda in the UK media, Bhagwagar alleged.
Bhagwagar charged that "Jazz even tried insinuate a racism angle saying she would be "deeply unhappy if Sunanda appointed a white Briton to represent Shilpa in the UK and worldwide".
"It is evident, Jazz was trying to create another racist divide, behaving like a 'Jade Part 2'," Bhagwagar alleged.
"Jazz has received the legal notice herself at Bobby Khan's residence," Rohini Vakil said.


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