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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

'People don’t realise that my life is not entirely John-centric'

Bipasha Basu says we should all just be happy that ‘Water’ was nominated for the Oscars.
Bipasha Basu got up early yesterday morning to catch boyfriend John at the Oscars. “It was such a high watching him walk down the red carpet. I was excited like a school girl. It doesn’t really matter that the film didn’t win.”
Indian-born Deepa Mehta’s ‘Water’, starring John and Lisa Ray, lost out to Germany’s ‘The Lives Of Others’ at the 79th Academy Awards held in Los Angeles yesterday. The movie, though a Canadian entry, had created much excitement in India, which was hoping for its first Oscar for best foreign film.
However, Bipasha is not the least bit disappointed and says that she’s glad John got a chance to be at the prestigious awards ceremony this early in his career, “Not many get a chance to do that. Plus, he looked so hot!” When asked if she thinks he will get some international offers now, she promptly says, “I hope so!”
The actor hopes to be a part of Oscar event, but for her own film, “John had a fantastic time there. Watching it on television, the ceremony looked so beautiful and mind-blowing. I can imagine how it must be in reality. I hope some day I get a chance to attend the event too.”
Quiz her on why she didn’t accompany John, she says, “People don’t seem to realise that my life is not entirely John-centric. We are two individuals with work commitments. Besides, it’s his time, his due and I wanted him to enjoy it on his own. It’s not my film, so why should I be there?”
She’s also peeved by the constant discussions about Indian films not being ready for Oscars. “When five films are chosen amongst the world’s best, just making it to the nominations is a big deal. These makers are trying their best. I think there is too much discussion on what is going wrong with Indian films,” she ends.


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