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Sunday, February 4, 2007

'Kisses in Red were passionate and intense,' Celina

rapid fire...

We’ve heard that you shot for five songs in a week recently?

Yes I did. I have been shooting for songs of the films ‘Red’ and ‘Boom Shaka Laka Boom Boom’ in a period of 10 days.

It must have been pretty tiring?

No, I quite enjoy dancing. For those 10 days, that was my only workout regime.

So now you must have become quite a dancing diva?

Yeah, I am ready for the hip-hop world championship.

From where did you get the energy for it all?

If you love something, you do it anyway. I increased my glucose intake. Even when I was younger, going for my kathak classes used to give me a great high.

Also, aren’t you playing a sexy widow in ‘Red’?

It’s a very simple character and the sexuality just happens to be part of it. Just because you are a widow, it’s not like that there will be no sexual aspect to your life because most women at some point develop a conjugal bond with someone.

There is also lot of talk about your kissing scenes with Aftab Shivdasani in the film?

You could say that the kisses in ‘Janasheen’ were hot and sexy but the ones in ‘Red’ are passionate and intense.

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