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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Story 2 : Hurman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra get back together

All those who were glad that Priyanka Chopra was single again after her break-up with Hurman Baweja, there’s news for you. Priyanka and Hurman are trying to get back together. Their dead relationship got a chance to renew itself earlier this month while the two were shooting together in the snowy landscapes of Chicago. Reveals a source, “It seems Priyanka realised how important Hurman is to her life. They were together constantly in Chicago.”

But in such a scenario, where does Priyanka and Shahid Kapur’s growing ‘friendship’stand? A close friend of Priyanka and Hurman jumps to their defence, asking, “Would it mean that Priyanka is dating Shahid if they exchange friendly banter on a social networking website like Facebook? Well, Hurman did ask her about this and that’s when they realised how deeply they care for each other.”

Apparently, the reason for the break-up was Priyanka’s two hits, Fashion and Dostana, and Hurman’s two flops, Love Story 2050 and Victory. Their friend rubbishes such reasons and says, “People forget that Priyanka knew the Baweja family before Hurman took to acting. They’re both working hard on getting back the magic in their relationship, especially Hurman.”

When contacted about their patch-up, Priyanka didged a direct answer by saying, “I will always stand by Hurman.”

She added, “I enjoyed Victory immensely. He came across very well as a cricketer.”

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