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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is Lara Dutta indebted to Kelly Dorji?

Lara Dutta is looking stunning these days.

Get into conversation with her and she gracefully unveils her very beautiful mind, too. All spiritual, and completely into yoga and meditation, it’s ironic that she was embracing these sciences that taught you to love more when she was falling out of love! “You don’t fall out of love,” she explains, “You’re given certain relationships in your life, and an immense amount of spiritual growth happens through them. I’ll always be indebted to the relationship that I was in, and to the person who was in the relationship with me, because both of us learnt life’s most valuable lessons in the period of time that we were together.”

So though Dutta hasn’t fallen out of love, she has fallen in love all over again! And no, we aren’t going to ask for any more philo-lessons on pyar-vyar...

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