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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Review : Sirf

Sirf (drama)

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Manisha Koirala, Sonali Kulkarni, Ranveer Shorey
Direction: Rajaatesh Nayar

PLEASE, don't we know what life in a metro is all about by now. Haven't we done the Mumbai salsa several times now. Just let big city blues be, unless, there's still an undiscovered Woody Allen out there to do a New York diary on amchi Mumbai, saddi Dilli, namma Chennai.

Sirf is again a city document, which encapsulates the unfulfilled longings of a bunch of characters who try to fulfil their dreams in the vast, abyss-like metro. There's Manisha and Kay Kay: a rich, successful couple who have everything but quality time for each. There's Sonali and Ranvir: a hard-pressed, middle-class couple with a love story that's losing out on the struggle to earn money. There's Pravin Dabbas and Rituparno Sengupta: a small town couple, struggling with the culture clash of permissive cosmosexuals. And there's a young couple dreaming of finding a roof in the unaffordable city in order to get married. Somewhere down the sleepy comings and goings, their lives get intertwined and salvation does lie round the corner. But for that, you'll have to sit up and shake the yawns, since the director fails to invest energy in his drama. What's more irritating is the sudden twist in the seemingly normal tale about a bunch of happiness seekers. Nah! Kay Kay couldn't get crooked, ekdum se, could he? And a Jabalpur girl (Rituparno) couldn't be such an old-fashioned nag, could she?

Watch out for Manisha Koirala. It's a comeback that calls for a bunch of better roles.

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