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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saif’s chemistry...with SRK, not Bebo

Saif Ali Khan loves responding to questions like, ‘Hi, handsome, how are you?’ “I would definitely respond to that one!” he laughs. “I am fine, doing really good. I was a bit nervous when I saw the crowd outside, but now I’m fine.” Saif was on a recent visit to Delhi, and the venue where he was present saw a large number of fans waiting to get a glimpse of him.

He’s not so cool about questions pertaining to a certain Miss Kapoor, but that’s not the only person he shares good chemistry with. His chemistry with SRK turned out to be quite entertaining at the recent Filmfare awards.

Laughing, he replies, “Oh yes, I knew that would happen. But we have gotten better since we’ve been doing it for some time now. And it is not just the sense of humour... we also understand each other very well. And that is very essential to get the comic timing right. It showed in Kal Ho Na Ho . Hope Kantaben is not reading this, she would freak out yet again!” he says with a straight face, and laughs as he clarifies, “Just joking”. And then adds, “Honestly, I think Shah Rukh and I enjoy each other’s timing. I think SRK writes most of the script of those pieces that we rattle off so seemingly effortlessly, himself. This time, I could not write much of the script because my thoughts where some place else.” And this is accompanied by a shy smile from the Hum Tum dude.

Aha. Would his thoughts be with someone special, by any chance – a girl called Bebo? “Well, that’s private,” he says, and smiles again. But since we are talking about her, did he find it tough to work with her in Tashan? “Initially, it was tough, because off screen, our equation had completely changed by then. But eventually, we became comfortable on-screen as well,” he says.

His sis Soha, however, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the past few days. “I know everything is going to be fine,” says Saif. “I think there is just a little extra excitement that certain people have caused, but I think that will fizzle out soon. Soha is by far the most law-abiding citizen I know, so I don’t see any problem coming her way. At least I hope not!”

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