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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Review : I am Legend

I am Legend (sci-fi )
Cast: Will Smith, Alice Braga
Direction: Francis Lawrence
Critic rating: /photo.cms?msid=2623174

NEW York's tale of woe goes on and on. This time, the world's most talked about city hits the headlines when a deadly virus wipes out the entire population, leaving just two survivors: Will Smith and his dog Samantha. Well, it's two normal, recognisable survivors, because the city does have many more creatures and beasts....These are the rest of the humans who have mutated into flesh-eating vampires that hunt in packs when night falls. End result? You get one of the most outlandish scenes where lions hunt deers at Times Square and human beasts slip in and out of Central Park, in search of their khana-khazana .

Everything's okay till here. Will Smith's lone ranger act is quite watchable, specially as the camera tries to capture his routine as the last man on earth talks to his dog, takes him out for a ride, talks to mannequins in shops and uses the book stores as his personal library. All this, while he conducts his own research to find the cure for the mutant virus which has vanquished mankind. In between, he also tries to reach out to others like him through the radio and combats the predators who keep attacking him, now and then. But suddenly, the film maker brings God into the proceedings and the religiosity angle tilts the film off balance. A young woman comes out of nowhere and saves Smith from the marauders, telling him about God's grand design and all that stuff....

Oops, when did God have to make a guest appearance in science fiction! So let's just approach this as a horror film and assure you a few jumps out of your seat when the mutants attack.

From : The Times of India

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