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Monday, March 5, 2007

What is it about older men that women find so irresistable?

Ram Gopal Varma, whose proficiency lies with guns, has opted for roses this time in his Amitabh Bachchan-Jiah Khan starrer ‘Nishabd’. Only love here takes an unconventional idiom-that between a teen and a 60 plus. Soon, Bachchan will be seen romancing a much-younger Tabu in Balkrishnan’s 'Cheeni Kam' too.
That some women gush over greying sideburns is not an unfamiliar propensity. While Mallika Sherawat hounds the male fantasy, the siren has been vocal in her fascination for the older boys, be it mentor Mahesh Bhatt or Bachchan. Honey’ed feelings
Yash Chopra’s ‘Lamhe’ (‘90s), which had an unyielding Anil Kapoor finally succumb to the puerile charms of Sridevi, left a quiver in even the most stoic viewer. The film’s storywriter Honey Irani traces the genesis of this fascination. “Every girl, whilst growing up, has a crush on an older man. I too had one,” she explains. Honey reveals further, “I don’t think a girl looks for a father in him. In the way she looks at him, touches him and in her body language, she’s aware of her sexuality.” Such an equation makes a man feel desirable too says Honey, adding, “He gets his heaven on earth!”
Clinical psychologist Varkha Chulani analyses the imperceptible needs in the May-December alliance, saying, “An older man would already have gained success and status. So it makes life simpler for a woman as there’s no financial partnership to share.” Varkha adds, “Sometimes a woman validates her feelings of self-worth by associating with a mature man, as she feels inadequate to compete with women her age.” Inadvertently, for the older man, “a young chick on his arm is a sexual trophy to flaunt,” says Varkha.
Age no bar
What writer Farzana Contractor seems to have shared with her late husband, renowned writer Behram Contractor, decades her senior, endorses that love follows no diktat. “Age is irrelevant. We were two human beings tuned into a relationship that was not oppressive. We worked together, from the first day of our marriage. He had a joie de vivre that kept him younger than me. He guides me by remote. I still connect with him.”
Love mantra
Actor Kay Kay Menon sums up this amorphous emotion saying, “You can never analyse love. Just as there’s no formula for a hit film, there’s none for love.”


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